Cooperation between the Regional Observatories from Silesia, Podkarpacie and Małopolska Regions

The representatives of the Regional Development Observatories from Upper Silesia, Podkarpacie and Małopolska Regions met in February 2016 to debate about research led in these regions as well as about the collaborative research capacity in the future.

Research that can be conducted in these three regions at the same time (at least in some part) is the public opinion research – initiated by the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory in 2012. The Upper Silesia and Małopolska Regions are probable to conduct this research among their citizens. This will give the opportunity to observe the tendencies and see the regional differences in behaviour and opinions. This research will be based on partly shared CATI questionnaire (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).

The other matters discussed during the meeting were: introducing the grounds for research “Pupils and graduates in Małopolska Region” as well as “Isochrones research”, both realized by the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory. The representatives from Upper Silesia introduced the research process connected with the influence range of Silesian universities and the Podkarpacie Region representatives presented the assumptions of “The cities in Podkarpacie Region research”.

The last item mentioned during the meeting was the matter of human capital in the Silesian-Cracovian Europol research than can be financed from the means of National Development Observatory – by the Upper Silesia and Małopolska Regions as part of “Southern Poland Development Strategy till the year of 2020”.

The three regions agreed to organize next meetings in the future.