Women’s entrepreneurship in Ukraine and Poland

Women’s entrepreneurship is an important trend on the modern labor market, both in developed and developing countries. It is interesting to compare the existing barriers for women running business in Poland and Ukraine,  the difference in motivation for women to start own business in both countires and analyze possible cross-cultural similarities and differences. The comparison of two neighbouring countries seems to be interesting, mostly because of high-qualified labor migration wave from Ukraine during last two years.

A comparative analysis combined conclusions of a survey “Women Entrepreneurship in Poland” conducted by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) in 2011 and research “Problems of women’s entrepreneurship in Ukraine” by Dr John Johnson in 2015.

The results were presented at the international conference on Gender Studies on June 2016 in Cracow www.genderstudies.irf-network.org. Large scale research focused on women in business in all regions of Poland is planned for the period of 2016–2019.

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