Social activity ranking of self-governments in Poland

Social activity ranking

Nowy Sącz among medium-sized cities and Krakow in the category of large cities – these Małopolska communes took the lead in the social activity ranking, published by “Wspólnota”, a biweekly about the self-government in Poland, in May 2016.

Four dimensions of activity were taken into account for the purposes of the ranking: active citizenship, involvement of citizens in the activities of non-governmental organizations, activity of the local self-government units in support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social activity in informal initiatives such as public fund-raisers.

Six categories of communes were considered in the ranking: rural communes, urban-rural communes, small towns (up to 50 thousand inhabitants), medium-sized cities (50-100 thousand inhabitants), and large cities (over 100 thousand inhabitants).

Results of the ranking:

Mielno from the West Pomeranian region won among rural communes.

Zabierzów (Silesia region) is the best commune in the Małopolska region in the category of rural communes.

Nowe Warpno from the West Pomeranian region was the best among the urban-rural communes.

Krynica-Zdrój ranked the highest among urban-rural communes of Małopolska; it took the 6th place (the residents of the municipality are particularly active in registering foundations and associations).

Sopot from the Pomeranian region won in the category of small towns.

Jordanów is the best small town in Małopolska (4th place in the ranking).

Nowy Sącz from the Małopolska region is the best in the category of medium-sized cities.

Warsaw won in the category of cities over 100 thousand inhabitants. Second place was taken by Krakow.