Smart specializations in Małopolska Region. Comprehensive review of data

Publication contains analysis of Smart Specializations in Małopolska Region’s projects, which have been selected for co-financing and contracted for regional and national operational programs.

The analysis answears following questions:

  • which specialization areas the biggest amount of applications for regional and national operational programs were registered in?
  • which county (powiat) in Małopolska Region is the most effective in obtaining funds for projects in the areas of Smart Specializations?
  • how many entities belonging to Smart Specializations operate in particular counties of the Małopolska region?

Smart Specializations in Małopolska Region set strategic directions for the region’s development by supporting cooperation in the sphere of science and business, help to create innovative and modern solutions. Seven Smart Specializations support areas with the highest development potential and strengthen the region’s competitiveness.

Enterprises, that implement innovative projects, fit into the following fields:

  • life science,
  • sustainable energy,
  • information and communication technologies,
  • chemistry,
  • production of metals, metal products and non-metallic material products,
  • electrical engeneering and machine-building industry,
  • creative and leisure industries,

have the opportunity to apply for additional sources of financing, including the Regional Operational Program.

According to the analysis, 711 co-financing agreements were signed under the first and third axis of the Regional Operational Program with a value of over 1.4 billion złoty. Applicants who represent the specialization of chemistry and production of metals, metal products and non-metallic material products, have achieved the greatest effectiveness. Applicants from around Chrzanów, Oświęcim and Wadowice are the most effective, while the least successful come from Nowy Targ county.

Among 1,146 completed or implemented projects, which do not belong to the Regional Operational Program I and III axes, 327 (28.5%) were associated with at least one Smart Specialization. There was an above average demand for a design service within creative and leisure industries, and for LivingLab as part of information and communication technologies (in both cases it was over half of all projects applying for innovation vouchers).

Specializations in six counties were distinguished:

  • chemistry in Myślenice and Olkusz,
  • production of metals, metal products and non-metallic material product in Limanowa,
  • electrical engeneering and machine-building industry in Brzesko,
  • creative and leisure industries in the Sucha Beskidzka and Nowy Targ.

The distribution of the number of fields / technologies shows the strong dominance of Krakow.

Companies located in Małopolska Region submitted almost 2,000 projects related to the national Smart Specializations to the Intelligent Development Operational Program (it was the third highest result among 16 polish regions). The average value of projects from Małopolska amounted to slightly below 4.3 million złoty, which was an average result compared to other regions. Kraków is the seat of almost half of the units in the area of ​​Smart Specializations. Clearly the least (about 0.6% each) of such entities are located in three counties: Proszowice, Dąbrowa Tarnowska and Miechów.

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