Ajara and Małopolska Region – sharing the experience

The representatives of Autonomous Republic of Ajara in Georgia visited Małopolska in November 2015. They have discussed the regional development policy in the fields of society and economy and considered the projects being realized in Małopolska Region and in Ajara. Both regions representatives expressed the interest in strengthening relations and in concluding a  cooperation agreement.

Both the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region and the Autonomous Republic of Ajara implemented the project “Support for the implementation and programming of development policy by the administration of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara in the area of labour market and entrepreneurship through the creation of Ajara Observatory for Labour Market and Economic Forecasting” that was co-financed in 2014 under the program “Polish Aid 2014” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The transfer of good practices in the range of institutional solutions connected with the structure of Małopolska Regional Development Observatories was the main objective of the project as well as helping the Georgian partners to establish the research and analysis unit located in public administration. As a result of this project in the Ministry of Finance and Economy there was established the Ajara Economic Observatory that is active from the first quarter of 2015.

This year visit to Małopolska Region was initiated by the Georgian cooperants. Its main objective was to strengthen the relations between the public administration units in Małopolska Region and Ajara, especially the Observatories. Members of the Georgian delegation had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activeness of Małopolska Regional Development Observatory, day-to-day work approach and data management. Moreover, ways of cooperation with the stakeholders and with the local self-government have been presented.