The foreign trade in Poland and the Małopolska Region 2019

The value of goods and services shipped from the Małopolska Region has increased in 2019, reaching 10.37 billion EUR. In comparison, in 2018 it amounted to 10.11 billion EUR. For another year in a row, the Małopolska Region ranks 6th in terms of the volume of export in the country.

Małopolska – export and import

The value of import in Małopolska Region exceeded the barrier of 10 billion EUR and exceeded the value of exports (by over EUR 172 million). Małopolska imported goods with a total value of 10.54 billion EUR, but recorded a decrease compared to the previous year (10.82 billion EUR). Both in Poland and Małopolska we can see a significant decrease in the growth rate of imports. In recent years, it has remained at the level of around 10%. In 2019, it reached 4% nationwide, and in the case of the Małopolska Region, it dropped to -2.6%.

Export and import in Poland

The value of goods and services sent from Poland in 2019 amounted to 233.97 billion EUR, which compared to 2018, means an increase by over 14.79 billion EUR. The value of goods imported to Poland in 2019 amounted to 229.72 billion EUR. In the previous years, the export / import balance was positive. Domestic import amounted to 229.72 billion EUR. This is another significant year-on-year increase and the first period when the value of import exceeded 220 billion EUR. Year-on-year increase in the value of export in Poland reached 6.7%. This is a slight slowdown compared to 2018 (8.2%).

Total export and import for the country

The share of Małopolska Region in generating total export and import for the country (the value of the contribution index) has been falling for the third year in a row. Both in the case of shipped and imported goods, the decrease was relatively insignificant – with exports from 4.6% to 4.4%, and with import from 4.9% to 4.6%. Nevertheless, these values ​​are the lowest in years. However, attention should be paid to the constant increase in the value of goods and services classified as “Unclassified”, both in export and import, which has been progressing for years. This results in a decrease in the share of the value of the contribution rate for individual regions, and at the same time does not have to mean a decrease in their role.

Chart 1. The value of export and import in Poland and Małopolska Region in 2015-2019 (in billion EUR )


Source: Own study based on data

Export and import in other regions

The regions with the highest value of export (each over 27 billion EUR) are Mazowieckie and Śląskie. They generate nearly a quarter of domestic export. Wielkopolska and Dolnośląskie are the regions, where export exceeds 20 billion EUR in value. The next region in the ranking – Dolnośląskie, however, had the highest increase in euro compared to 2018 – the value of exported goods increased by 2.3 billion EUR. Apart from the above-mentioned regions, only the Pomorskie sends goods of greater value (11.85 billion EUR).When it comes to generating domestic export, the Mazowieckie and Śląskie dominate. They generate respectively 12.3% (Mazowieckie) and 12% (Śląskie) of the value of domestic export.

The Małopolska Region produces 4.4% of national export, which places the region invariably on the 6th position.The value of import in the Mazowieckie, the best in the country, at the level of 61.52 billion EUR, is almost equal to the total of three subsequent regions in the list – Wielkopolskie (23.07 billion EUR), Śląskie (21.34 billion EUR) and Dolnośląskie (18.26 billion EUR). In 2019, six regions recorded an increase in the value of import, nine a decrease (including Małopolska), and only the Lubelskie did not record any changes.

Chart 2. The value of export in Polish regions in 2018-2019 (in billion euro)


Source: Own study based on data

The value of export and import per capita

The regions of the western part of Poland are dominators in case of export value per capita. The highest level was achieved by Dolnośląskie (7.1 thousand EUR per capita), followed by Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie. Above the average for Poland, the value of export per capita is also recorded in Mazowieckie and Pomorskie. The Małopolska Region reached the value of the indicator at the level of 3 thousand EUR per person.The value of imports per population in Polish regions increased to 6,000 EUR per person.

The Mazowieckie remains the regional leader (increase from 11.1 thousand EUR to 11.3 thousand EUR). In five regions there was an increase in the value of imports per capita, the highest increase was recorded in the Dolnośląskie (from 5.5 thousand EUR to 6.2 thousand EUR). Three regions, i.e. Pomorskie, Zachodniopomorskie and Podlaskie, maintained the value of import per capita at the same level as in 2018. However, as many as eight regions recorded a decrease in the value of import per capita compared to the previous year.

Chart 3. The value of export per capita in Polish regions in 2018-2019 (in EUR thousand)


Source: Own study based on data

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