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“Culture in the time of artificial intelligence” conference

What role does culture play in the realities of Economy 4.0? Will culture change due to the digital age in modern society? What should the artist’s new role be – should it be more of a visionary or craftsman at the service of society? Will creative industries become the driving force of the economy?

The “Culture in the time of artificial intelligence” conference was devoted to the functioning of culture in the realities of Economy 4.0. The purpose of the events was to answer a number of current questions about the creation, dissemination and activities of culture in the calculation of social digital phenomenon.

Speakers and invited guests were wondering about the role of the artist – to be more of a visionary or a craftsman for social services? The talks revolved around the growing importance of creative industries in Małopolska, the culture – forming role of large cities and smaller centers, and the activities of cultural institutions.

The results of the latest research carried out by the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory on creative industries in region were also presented. The conference was supplemented with a series of thematic workshops organized in cultural institutions and FAB – LAB. The conference was held on April 26, 2019 at the International Cultural Center in Krakow. The event was addressed primarily to representatives of cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, artists, craftsmen, creators and entrepreneurs operating in the creative industry and others interested in culture. The event was organized by the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Region, the Malopolska Regional Development Observatory Team.


Workshop schedule: