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Anti-Crisis Shield for Małopolska

Purchase of equipment for hospitals and money for entrepreneurs – The Management Board of the Małopolska Region has decided to allocate 325 million złoty from the regional operational program to combat the effects of the epidemic in the region.

Coronavirus attacks health and the economy

Małopolska is increasingly experiencing the effects of the global pandemic caused by coronavirus from Wuhan. This is not only a test for the healthcare system, but above all a huge challenge for entrepreneurs who found themselves in a crisis due to restrictions imposed by quarantine requirements. Under current circumstances the fact that Malopolska is the most visited region in the country does not fill us with pride as much as anxiety. In all industries strongly associated with tourism, which will certainly suffer from the impending recession, i.e. accommodation and catering, there are about 13.6 thousand companies. Another 1.9 thousand companies operate as tourism organizers.

Minimizing the negative effects of the pandemic is not just a recommendation, but a clear necessity. Therefore, taking advantage of the possibility of flexible use of funds from the Regional Operational Program for Małopolska, the Management Board has decided to allocate part of the money to combat the effects of the epidemic in the region. The Małopolska Anti-Crisis Shield is PLN 325 million which will help to protect the economy and purchase the equipment necessary to save human lives.

Who will get the money?

The Małopolska Anti-Crisis Shield is consisting of the three packages addressed to the healthcare and business sector. The resources will be donated to hospitals and entrepreneurs, thus protecting the jobs of thousands of inhabitants.

Anti-Crisis Shield for Małopolska – Three sources of support:

In addition, it should also be mentioned that additional funds have been previously spent on hospitals in Malopolska, which gives a total help value of PLN 325 million.

More information for entrepreneurs

All information on the activities and facilities prepared by the regional government is available at Regional Operational Program of Małopolska Region website [1] in Funds and coronavirus section. You will also find there information about changes and shifts in the deadlines for calls for proposals introduced by institutions announcing competitions and other news important for those who want to implement EU projects during the pandemic.

Current news about european funds in Małopolska and their spending in the current epidemic situation can also be found on the Facebook profile: MałopolskaFunduszeEuropejskie [2]