Module for data visualization of the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory

Visualization module of the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory is a tool for spatial presentation of the data collected by the Observatory and other institutions monitoring the socio-economic development of Małopolska.

What might be the use of module for data visualization?

The module was designed to facilitate access to aggregated data and provide tools for their presentation. It gives the opportunity to explore the variables and data, which allows to examine a given phenomenon or interpret the dynamics of the development. Based on data analysis, it is possible to forecast trends.

The data collected in the module can be deployed to support research at national, regional, or local level as well as for managerial and strategic activities.

The data can be presented in the form of a map, table, graph, and spreadsheet with statistics. The service enables data analysis over the years in the context of the Polish regions and the Małopolska subregions, counties, and communes.

The module contains data in such areas as:

        Małopolska, basic indicators of the region


         European funds,

         Regional development,


Create your own map

The module for data visualization is enhanced with a tool to create a map, a table, or a graph based on the user’s own data. The user can customize the visualization by defining colors, labels or unit of measure. The data can be entered either by copying or typing.

This mechanism is designed for users who need to visualize spatial data but do not have the software.


Resources of the visualization module are regularly updated with new data and new indicators.