Data visualization module

It is a tool enabling spatial presentation of data concerning Małopolska region, without a necessity of installing any software. The module provides access to aggregated data and their presentation.

The data collected in the module can be used to carry out national, regional or local research, as well as management and strategic activities. The collected data can be obtained in the form of a map, table, graph or statistics, generated to a spreadsheet.

The data collected in the module relate to basic indicators such as economy, European funds, regional development and society of Małopolska region.

Create your own map

The data visualization module has got a tool to generate a map, table or graph based on your own data. The user can individually customize the visualization by specifying colors, labels or units of measure. Data can be entered either by copying or manually entering.

We invite everyone who would like to enrich the data visualization module with their own data. For this purpose, please contact us to the following address: