Digitisation of a cultural heritage in Małopolska Region. An analysis of a process in museums

The report is based on a research questionnaire, including 31 units, showing the process of digitisation in Małopolska’s museums. Among them we had: 26 entities, [...]

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Motorway route

Spatial relations and transport accessibility in Małopolska Region

The report is the result of the study “Functional and spatial relations between urban centers and their surroundings”, which main purpose was to analyze the [...]

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The Małopolska brand report

The report contains the results of research devoted to the Małopolska brand. The objective was to diagnose the image of the Małopolska brand in the [...]

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The state and structure of inventive activity in Małopolska region in 2012-2018

Małopolska among the national leaders of inventiveness – the state and structure of inventive activity

According to studies conducted over the years 2012-2018, 10% of all inventions submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland were developed in [...]

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okładka raportu Fundusze europejskie w Małopolsce

European funds in Malopolska: 2018

The new annual edition of the report on the use of european funds in Malopolska is ready. The implementation of EU programs in 2018 in [...]

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