Opinion study among inhabitants in Małopolska region

In the 15th edition of opinion study made among inhabitants of Małopolska region, people were asked about their knowledge and associations with the concept of circular [...]

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Old lady sitting on a couch - senior housing

Senior housing in Małopolska region

The report includes a range of information about housing conditions, senior housing and designing public space for people aged 60+ in Małopolska region. In addition, the [...]

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The 14th edition of opinion poll of the Małopolska Region inhabitants

Some of questions posed to Małopolska residents were e.g. assessment of the position of Małopolska Region in comparison to other Polish regions. Other questions in the [...]

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two people talking

A survey of the opinions of the inhabitants of Małopolska

The main purpose of the 12th edition of the opinion poll of Małopolska inhabitants was to obtain information on the perception of individual aspects related [...]

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The ninth edition of the opinion study case of the Małopolska Region residents

Health protection, ecological awareness, social economy, culture digitalization, social media – these issues were found in the 9th edition of the research opinions of the [...]

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