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Foreigners in Malopolska

The number of foreigners holding valid residence permits issued in Małopolska is increasing, accounting for 39.8 thousand at the end of May 2019 The number [...]

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badanie opinii 2018

Opinion polls of the inhabitants of Małopolska 2018 – 7th edition

We present the seventh edition of the survey of the opinion of the inhabitants of Malopolska, in which attention was focused on issues including: quality [...]

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Creative industries of Małopolskie voivodeship – situation and development conditions

Małopolska Region is the fourth largest region considering the total number of economic entities classified as creative industries The main goal of the “Creative industries [...]

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Influence of infrastructural projects in the field of culture conducted in Małopolska Region on the socio economic environment

Most of citizens of cities or districts rated in a positive way the changes in area of culture investments. The project “Influence of infrastructural projects [...]

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The outreach of the universities and colleges from Małopolska Region

The aim of the study was to evaluate the strength and the outreach of higher education institutions located in Małopolska Region on: regional scale, by [...]

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