Payers of income tax from individuals in the Małopolska province in 2015

Analyses carried out over several years by the team of the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory, acting within the structures of the Regional Policy Department of [...]

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Pro-environmental attitudes and corporate social responsibility among the Małopolska enterprises

The report presents the approach adopted by Małopolska companies as regards corporate social responsibility and environmental protection. It primarily describes the situation in 2016, being [...]

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Innovation and R&D activities in the Małopolska enterprises. Inventive operations in Małopolska

The main purpose of the study was to attempt a diagnosis of Małopolska enterprises’ interest in and their readiness to take up and implement innovation–oriented [...]

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Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska in 2014

The report presents the situation of the foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska in 2014. The reports on the overseas trade have been prepared in [...]

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Enterprises with Grants. Effectiveness of Grants to Set Up a Business Financed from the European Social Fund

It is presumed currently that a survival period for a business with a grant which is satisfactory from the viewpoint of effectiveness of the support [...]

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