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The impact of economic and international situation on entities’ activities

The study covering 1,200 entities operating in Małopolska Region was conducted in May 2022. Questions covered three thematic areas – assessment of the current and [...]

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The 14th edition of opinion poll of the Małopolska Region inhabitants

Some of questions posed to Małopolska residents were e.g. assessment of the position of Małopolska Region in comparison to other Polish regions. Other questions in the [...]

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A survey of the opinions of the inhabitants of Małopolska

The main purpose of the 12th edition of the opinion poll of Małopolska inhabitants was to obtain information on the perception of individual aspects related [...]

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Industrial enterprises facing the circular economy

Increasingly stronger phenomena resulting from climate change, which are to some extent also the effect of human economic activity, become a premise for finding ways [...]

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Personal income taxpayers in Małopolska in 2020

The analysed collections include information about taxpayers – natural persons residing in the Małopolskie voivodship, who received annual information on earned income and collected advance [...]

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