The Małopolska brand report

The report contains the results of research devoted to the Małopolska brand. The objective was to diagnose the image of the Małopolska brand in the activities carried out by the Małopolska region, as well as to indicate the directions of development of regional brands and the range of various social groups in this respect. The study contains an analysis of the image of Małopolska brands in terms of tourism, economy and society. In the analysis of conclusions based on existing data and obtained from quantitative and qualitative research among the advertising groups of the Małopolska brand.

What factors influence the brand image?

  • actions and decisions of regional authorities aimed at communicating the identity to recipients (including marketing activities, promotional events);
  • all activities and features of the region not included in the brand identity (and thus also negative features) that affect the perception of the brand;
  • the way Małopolska appears in the media;
  • brand users ‘experiences as well as users’ personal characteristics;
  • activities in the region’s surroundings, i.e. everything that happens outside the region and has an impact on the brand’s reception (e.g. competitive regions, political situation in the country).

How is Małopolska perceived?

The Małopolska brand first and foremost has positive associations at both the emotional and functional level. In all three aspects of the brand: tourist, economic and quality of life, negative elements are rare and do not dominate the general perception of the brand.

Smog is the region’s biggest image problem: it is one of the first spontaneous associations with the brand in all groups. In this context, the inhabitants speak particularly negatively: air pollution greatly affects their experience with the region.

The brand image is not perceived as a whole, but perceived in the context of the territorial sub-brands of Kraków and the Tatra Mountains.

The Małopolska brand is a leader in terms of tourist attractiveness. All target groups are associated mainly with landscape values ​​and spending free time. Not only in the group of tourists, but also in the group of investors and residents of the region, this aspect dominates in the experience, benefits and image of Małopolska.

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