The latest opinion poll of Małopolska Region’s residents 2019

What is the opinion of Małopolska Region’s residents about actions taken by the regional government of the Małopolska region. Do they recognize any of landscape parks located in the region?

These are some of the questions that were asked to the inhabitants of Małopolska Region in the 8th edition of „The opinion poll of Małopolska Region’s residents 2019”. They voiced their opinion on the issues of quality of life, labor market, social capital, the area of ​​culture and environmental awareness.

Regional authorities

As many as 94% of respondents pointed to problems in the area of ​​their residence. According to a large part of the voivodship’s population (36.7%), the biggest problems are caused by the condition of roads and transport infrastructure, 15.1% of respondents pointed to the poor quality of technical and urban / municipal infrastructure, and 13.3% see the poor condition of the natural environment. The first two issues are simultaneously indicated by the respondents as matters which regional authorities should get involved in to a much greater extent than before. Expectations of greater involvement are also expressed in the matter of health protection, social care and spending more public money for this purpose.


An emphasis in the study was put on the culture. Respondents were asked, if and how they participate in culture. Almost 3/4 of them (79%) declare that they participate in culture, 34% do it several times a month (the highest percentage of responses). Most often, the residents of Małopolska use the offer of cinemas, theaters, concert halls, art galleries (70.6%) and entertainment events (e.g. concerts, cabarets). Almost the same percentage of Małopolska residents uses both the cultural offer via the Internet and the library, book and press rentals (respectively 43.6% and 43%). When choosing a cultural offer, the inhabitants of the Małopolska Region are mostly guided by their personal interests – over 70.0% of responses, but give up due to lack of time (65% of responses).

What is a knowledge of landscape parks located in Małopolska Region among residents? The main reason why residents of the region visit the landscape parks is to spend free time with family and friends (almost 74% of declarations). Farther down there was admiring views and landscapes, and breathing the fresh, clean air. It turns out that despite positive associations with the term “landscape park”, almost ¼ of respondents confuse landscape parks with national parks, or identify them with other green areas, such as city parks.

Landscape parks

Every third inhabitant of the region declares that visits the Małopolska landscape parks “at least once a year”. 16.6% of the respondents indicated that visit landscape parks several times a month. Interestingly, landscape parks are most often visited by residents of Kraków (21% of the declarations “several times a month”). A large proportion of people, however, could not indicate the full, correct name of even one landscape park in Małopolska Region. The Bielańsko-Tyniecki Landscape Park seems to be the best known, because the percentage of correct indications among the respondents in this case was the largest (27.8).

As a part of the opinion poll of Małopolska Region’s residents, computer-assisted telephone interviews were conducted. In accordance with the delimitation established by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the research was conducted in six subregions: the city of Kraków, Krakowski Obszar Metropolitalny – counties (powiaty): bocheński, krakowski, miechowski, myślenicki, proszowicki and wielicki), Nowosądecki – counties (powiaty): gorlicki, limanowski, the city of Nowy Sącz, nowosądecki), Nowotarski – counties (powiaty): nowotarski, suski, tatrzański, Oświęcimski – counties (powiaty): chrzanowski, olkuski, oświęcimski, wadowicki, Tarnowski – counties (powiaty): brzeski, dąbrowski, the city of Tarnów, tarnowski). In each of them, the size of the research sample was at least 500 respondents.

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