Participatory budgeting in Małopolska. Situation and directions for development

deskThe Małopolska Regional Development Observatory carried out a survey regarding participatory budgeting within the region.

Year by year more and more municipalities decide to implement this process – it becomes a standard in regional public administration. 137 gminas from Małopolska took part in the survey (75.3% of all gminas). Many issues were raised within the study of participatory budgeting (PB) related both to the manner in which the participatory budgets are organized in the Małopolska gminas and to the plans for their implementation in the future. The potential demand among the Małopolska self-government units for training support in regard to social participation methods was also reviewed. The study resulted in a report containing – apart from the research – a discussion on other social participation techniques regulated by Polish law, namely village funds and social initiatives.

Based on the analysis, it may be concluded that the participatory budgeting has become an increasingly popular social participation technique in Małopolska.

Till 2015 21 municipalities in Małopolska has earmarked about PLN 56,5 million for the civil budgets.

Management Board of Malopolska region as well as the councilors of the Małopolska Region decided to carry into execution participatory budgeting for region – the voting on registered projects was organized in 2016.

Participatory budgeting in Małopolska. Situation and directions for development – summary

Polish version of the report and its summary is available here

Number participatory budget’s projects in Malopolska

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