The outreach of the universities and colleges from Małopolska Region

infographicThe aim of the study was to evaluate the strength and the outreach of higher education institutions located in Małopolska Region on:

  • regional scale, by the division of the region based upon data delivered by the universities located in Małopolska. Additionally, there were carried out analysis of the mode of courses and levels of studies.
  • country scale, by showing directions, defined as place of permanent residence and number of students attracted by the Małopolska universities.
  • global scale, pointing out the countries, from which became foreign students that have been taught at Małopolska universities.

The study was based on acquired unanimous data from students attending course on Małopolska universities and colleges including such information (as of year 2016): postal code of the domicile, name of a city, mode of courses (full-time, external), level of studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral degrees or 5-years Master), place of studies (placement of the faculty), as at the beginning of 2016.

The data was collected from 22 higher education institutions (out of 33 higher education in Małopolska), including all public universities, which are the largest and the most popular in region. Most of them is located in Krakow. Małopolska Regional Development Observatory received data about 182,000 Polish and 6,000 foreign students learning in Małopolska Region.

For more information please read the Summary of the report ‘The outreach of the universities and colleges from Małopolska Region’

Polish version of the report and its summary is available here