Occupational Barometer 2012

In 2011, the Occupational barometer study was conducted for the second time, in all counties (poviats) of the region. The panels of experts assessing the occupa­tions in each of the local labour offices (PUP) included the people who participated in the study in the previous year. The discussions were moderated by an employee of the Observatory, which helped to gather the comments and reflections of PUP staff after one year of the functioning of the Occupational barometer, as well as the information on the utilization of its results in the different offices. For the first time, representatives of private employment agencies – Adecco Poland Kraków and the Kraków Branch of Grafton Recruitment – were invited to join the panel of experts. Because of their participation, the discussion was enriched with a point of view dif­ferent from that of the labour offices.

Occupational Barometer 2012 – Summary

The report was published by Regional Labour Office in Krakow in 2012.

Polish version of the report  is available here.