Environmental awareness about landscape parks in Małopolska Region

What are attitudes characteristic for the users of landscape parks? Are these areas attractive for tourism? Where are users looking for knowledge about landscape parks and what is the cooperation between users and landscape parks like?

Here we have some questions that can be answered in the latest report “Research into environmental awareness and attitudes of people, entities and institutions related to the Małopolska Region’s landscape parks”. The results of the study are the basis for the implementation by the regional authorities of specific activities and projects in the field of nature and landscape protection policy, including increasing the attractiveness of landscape parks and taking into account the opinions of many user communities.

The report was based on a survey conducted using a number of data: existing, questionnaire interviews among residents, tourists, entrepreneurs and local government representatives, an online survey, as well as group and individual interviews and workshops for young people.

The report consists of three parts:

  • theoretical,
  • presenting the results of the study,
  • summary with conclusions and recommendations.

The first part, containing the theoretical introduction, presents the methodology and course of the study as well as the main information on the protection of nature and its individual forms in Poland and Małopolska Region. Particular attention was devoted to 11 landscape parks and focused on the role and history of the Landscape Park Complex of the Małopolska Region – the budget institution responsible for coordinating the conservation activities of landscape parks in the Małopolska Region.

The conducted research shows that landscape parks and national parks are the most recognizable forms of nature protection among residents and tourists. More than a half of the inhabitants and tourists believe that nature and landscape protection is needed and should be maintained at least at the current level. The majority of residents and entrepreneurs think that landscape parks are important to the proces of tourism development. However, it is necessary to carry out activities increasing knowledge about the natural environment in landscape parks. Similarly, it is necessary to undertake promotional and information activities to increase the recognition of landscape parks brand and municipalities located in their area.

The results of the study were summarized during an expert discussion. It indicated the role and vision of the Landscape Park Complex of the Małopolska Region. There also have been identified some steps to be taken to preserve the natural and landscape values ​​of parks, while creating products and a tourist offer.

Read the report (in English language)

Read the report (in Polish language)