Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska in 2014


The report presents the situation of the foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska in 2014. The reports on the overseas trade have been prepared in the Marshal Office of Małopolska Region since 2007.

The presented statistical data on the foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska come from the Customs Chamber in Warsaw. The specific value of the report results from the fact that it contains lists by regions while public statistics includes data only on the country’s level. However, it should be emphasized that data from the Customs Chamber is overestimated, which is why comparing the indicators included in this publication with the Customs Chamber’s calculation is unjustified.

The values of exports and imports have increased compared to 2013.  The value of exported goods and services in 2014 amounted to: EUR 7.8 billion from Małopolska, an increase of 3.7% more than in the previous year, EUR 163.4 billion from the whole of Poland, an increase of 6.6%.

The value of goods and services which were imported from abroad amounted to: Małopolska: EUR 8.3 billion, an increase of 3.2% in relation to 2013, the whole of Poland: EUR 165.1 billion, an increase of 6.8%.

In Małopolska, mainly the companies from Cracow engaged in the foreign trade (generating: 35% of regional exports and 52% of imports). Moreover, two other poviats played a significant role in this respect: Wielicki and Krakowski. Other poviats were less active in foreign markets.

From 2011 to 2014 Małopolska Observatory of Economy conducted systematic analyses on foreign exchange. In 2015 the publication was prepared by Małopolska Regional Development Observatory, which continues Observatory of Economy’s activities.

Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska in 2014. Summary

Polish version of the report and its summary is available here.

More data available in  Visualization module – Economy – Foreign trade

Export from Polisch voivodeships in 2008 and 2014

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