A survey of the opinions of the inhabitants of Małopolska

The main purpose of the 12th edition of the opinion poll of Małopolska inhabitants was to obtain information on the perception of individual aspects related to the quality of their lives. As well as activities, initiatives and undertakings undertaken by the self-governance of the Małopolska region by the regional community. The results of the conducted analyses […]

The ninth edition of the opinion study case of the Małopolska Region residents

Health protection, ecological awareness, social economy, culture digitalization, social media – these issues were found in the 9th edition of the research opinions of the residents of Malopolska Region 2019. The residents of Małopolska Region voiced their views on factors affecting health, performing check-up and preventive examinations, assessing a degree of air pollution in the […]

The latest opinion poll of Małopolska Region’s residents 2019

What is the opinion of Małopolska Region’s residents about actions taken by the regional government of the Małopolska region. Do they recognize any of landscape parks located in the region? These are some of the questions that were asked to the inhabitants of Małopolska Region in the 8th edition of „The opinion poll of Małopolska […]

Environmental awareness about landscape parks in Małopolska Region

What are attitudes characteristic for the users of landscape parks? Are these areas attractive for tourism? Where are users looking for knowledge about landscape parks and what is the cooperation between users and landscape parks like? Here we have some questions that can be answered in the latest report “Research into environmental awareness and attitudes of people, […]

Foreigners in Malopolska

The number of foreigners holding valid residence permits issued in Małopolska is increasing, accounting for 39.8 thousand at the end of May 2019 The number of foreigners who live and work in the Małopolska Region is increasing every year. In particular, this process intensified after 2014. There was also a dispersion of the stream of […]

Opinion polls of the inhabitants of Małopolska 2018 – 7th edition

We present the seventh edition of the survey of the opinion of the inhabitants of Malopolska, in which attention was focused on issues including: quality of life assessment, recognition of projects and initiatives of the Małopolska regional authorities, the situation on the labor market, social capital and the use of e-services. The study took into […]

Creative industries of Małopolskie voivodeship – situation and development conditions

Małopolska Region is the fourth largest region considering the total number of economic entities classified as creative industries The main goal of the “Creative industries of Małopolska Region – situation and development conditions” study was to determine the situation, potential and conditions for development of 11 creative industries of Małopolska Region, considering the social and […]

Influence of infrastructural projects in the field of culture conducted in Małopolska Region on the socio economic environment

Most of citizens of cities or districts rated in a positive way the changes in area of culture investments. The project “Influence of infrastructural projects in the field of culture conducted in Malopolska Region on the socio-economic environment” was undertaken by the Social Research Agency  “Question Mark” at the request of the Marshal’s Office of […]

The outreach of the universities and colleges from Małopolska Region

The aim of the study was to evaluate the strength and the outreach of higher education institutions located in Małopolska Region on: regional scale, by the division of the region based upon data delivered by the universities located in Małopolska. Additionally, there were carried out analysis of the mode of courses and levels of studies. […]

Employer – Market – Employee. Survey of Małopolska Employers to Assess the Demand for Employees 2014

In mid-2014, as part of the Study of Human Capital, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED) did its fifth survey of employers in Poland. As every year, the Regional Labour Office in Kraków conducted its survey to complement the results of the nationwide exercise. During this year’s edition, a detailed analysis was performed of […]