Opinion study among inhabitants in Małopolska region

In the 15th edition of opinion study made among inhabitants of Małopolska region, people were asked about their knowledge and associations with the concept of circular economy. Besides they were asked about activities for environmental protection, product re-use, ecological attitudes and consumer habits, energy and water saving, and evaluation of municipal waste management. As every year, […]

Senior housing in Małopolska region

The report includes a range of information about housing conditions, senior housing and designing public space for people aged 60+ in Małopolska region. In addition, the publication includes examples from Poland and the world of dealing with the problem of aging societies in the context of senior housing. Report contains data about senior housing, current housing conditions […]

European funds in Małopolska – implementation in 2021

Implementation of projects supported by european funds in Małopolska achieved 41.6 billion PLN and increased by 2.6 billion PLN in 2021. EU funding for projects in Małopolska amounts to 25.3 billion PLN – it increased by PLN 1.8 billion in 2021. Since the launch of EU funds, 6.5 thousand projects have been implemented in Małopolska, […]

Industrial enterprises facing the circular economy

Increasingly stronger phenomena resulting from climate change, which are to some extent also the effect of human economic activity, become a premise for finding ways to reduce the destructive role played by the broadly understood society on the scope of negative impacts for the entire biosphere. In order to ensure the proper state of the […]

Age management used by employers from Małopolska

The labour market is a complex machinery in which one of the most important positions is occupied by people – their competences, skills, and abilities. For several years, with the increased demand for labour and a simultaneous decline in unemployment, Małopolska has been facing the employment gap. The economic situation is influenced by the low […]

European funds in Małopolska in 2020

By the end of 2020, 433 calls for proposals for the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program of the Małopolska region were conducted, under which 7,380 applications were submitted. 3,896 contracts were signed. In 2020 alone, 30 calls for proposals were conducted, attracting 959 applicants. It should be emphasized that there is an exceptionally high interest in […]

Attitude of Małopolska entrepreneurs towards pro-innovative solutions

The aim of the study was to diagnose innovation and research and development activity among entrepreneurs from Małopolska. The study concerned, inter alia, workforce and scope of research and development works carried out, the level of readiness to undertake innovative activities and types of innovative activities undertaken, the level of innovative and technological advancement as […]

Digitisation of a cultural heritage in Małopolska Region. An analysis of a process in museums

The report is based on a research questionnaire, including 31 units, showing the process of digitisation in Małopolska’s museums. Among them we had: 26 entities, are organized by local governments, 3 private entities and 2 managed by non-governmental organizations. In addition, among these institutions there were 3 district museums – from Kraków, Tarnów and Nowy […]

Spatial relations and transport accessibility in Małopolska Region

The report is the result of the study “Functional and spatial relations between urban centers and their surroundings”, which main purpose was to analyze the functional and spatial relations and connections in the network of cities and to determine their impact ranges in 6 regions of Poland. The report has been published by the Institute of […]

The Małopolska brand report

The report contains the results of research devoted to the Małopolska brand. The objective was to diagnose the image of the Małopolska brand in the activities carried out by the Małopolska region, as well as to indicate the directions of development of regional brands and the range of various social groups in this respect. The […]