Digitisation of a cultural heritage in Małopolska Region. An analysis of a process in museums

The report is based on a research questionnaire, including 31 units, showing the process of digitisation in Małopolska’s museums. Among them we had: 26 entities, are organized by local governments, 3 private entities and 2 managed by non-governmental organizations. In addition, among these institutions there were 3 district museums – from Kraków, Tarnów and Nowy […]

Spatial relations and transport accessibility in Małopolska Region

The report is the result of the study “Functional and spatial relations between urban centers and their surroundings”, which main purpose was to analyze the functional and spatial relations and connections in the network of cities and to determine their impact ranges in 6 regions of Poland. The report has been published by the Institute of […]

The Małopolska brand report

The report contains the results of research devoted to the Małopolska brand. The objective was to diagnose the image of the Małopolska brand in the activities carried out by the Małopolska region, as well as to indicate the directions of development of regional brands and the range of various social groups in this respect. The […]

Małopolska among the national leaders of inventiveness – the state and structure of inventive activity

According to studies conducted over the years 2012-2018, 10% of all inventions submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland were developed in Małopolska region. The report prepared by the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory presents a number of information on the state and structure of inventive activity in Małopolska in the years 2012-2018. The […]

European funds in Malopolska: 2018

The new annual edition of the report on the use of european funds in Malopolska is ready. The implementation of EU programs in 2018 in the region is running smoothly. The number of contracts and implemented projects is growing. By the end of 2018, 359 calls for the Regional Operational Program of the Malopolska region […]

Local entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Malopolskie region

This report examines the local entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Malopolskie region in Poland and its capacity to promote productivity upgrading and industrial renewal. It forms part of the OECD’s work stream on local entrepreneurship ecosystems and emerging industries. Malopolskie region is developing as an entrepreneurial economy. In 2016, over 31 000 new firms were registered […]

Creative industries of Małopolskie voivodeship – situation and development conditions

Małopolska Region is the fourth largest region considering the total number of economic entities classified as creative industries The main goal of the “Creative industries of Małopolska Region – situation and development conditions” study was to determine the situation, potential and conditions for development of 11 creative industries of Małopolska Region, considering the social and […]

Influence of infrastructural projects in the field of culture conducted in Małopolska Region on the socio economic environment

Most of citizens of cities or districts rated in a positive way the changes in area of culture investments. The project “Influence of infrastructural projects in the field of culture conducted in Malopolska Region on the socio-economic environment” was undertaken by the Social Research Agency  “Question Mark” at the request of the Marshal’s Office of […]

Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska Region in 2017

This is the first year in the history of Poland, when the limit of 200 billion euros in exports has been broken, and the annual growth is the highest in the history of modern Poland (from 1989). The report illustrates the situation related to the development of foreign trade in Poland and the Małopolska Region […]

Foreign investors in the Malopolska Voivodeship in 2015 and 2016

The inflow of foreign direct investment in the Małopolska Region in 2015 – 2016 reached the level of USD 1 418.9 million and was higher by over USD 200 million in relation to the value in 2015. The study provides information on the structure of investments and their spatial distribution in the region. The attention […]