The impact of economic and international situation on entities’ activities

The study covering 1,200 entities operating in Małopolska Region was conducted in May 2022. Questions covered three thematic areas – assessment of the current and expected economic situation in the next 3 months, economic and labor market issues. In recent months, operating companies have been struggling with the accumulation of a number of phenomena that […]

Personal income taxpayers in Małopolska in 2020

The analysed collections include information about taxpayers – natural persons residing in the Małopolskie voivodship, who received annual information on earned income and collected advance payments on the PIT-11 form. Therefore, tax information allows to present information on the potential of the labour market according to the place of residence of taxpayers as well as […]

Succession and transfer of business in Małopolska

The subject of succession is becoming more and more present in the realities of the Polish economy, especially in the center of its bloodstream, i.e. family businesses. The results of the research carried out so far indicated a relatively low awareness among entrepreneurs in the field of business transfer and the related challenges. A significant […]

Income tax from employees in the Małopolska Region in 2019

We present the two-part report “Income tax from employees in the Małopolska Region in 2019”. The report is based on the data originating in 1 636.3 thousand PIT-11 documents made available by the chamber of the fiscal administration in Kraków. The analysis contains information about taxpayers who obtained income from service relationship, employment relationship, cooperative employment […]

An air pollution influence’s on an economic activity in Małopolska Region

The report answers the question how much most of the air pollution generated by humans, including heavy industry, low emissions, automotive, affect business operations? The feedback is taken from representatives of the travel, outsourcing and industrial companies and the main acpect concerns the phenomenon of sick absence related to exposure to polluted air in the […]

Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska Region in 2018

The value of goods and services exported from Małopolska Region in 2018 have exceeded 10,0 mld euro (10.11 mld zł) barrier for the first time, which gives it 6th place within regions in the country. Foreign trade and export Małopolska Region has recorded an increase in the value of exported goods and services by 5.7 […]

Local entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Malopolskie region

This report examines the local entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Malopolskie region in Poland and its capacity to promote productivity upgrading and industrial renewal. It forms part of the OECD’s work stream on local entrepreneurship ecosystems and emerging industries. Malopolskie region is developing as an entrepreneurial economy. In 2016, over 31 000 new firms were registered […]

Creative industries of Małopolskie voivodeship – situation and development conditions

Małopolska Region is the fourth largest region considering the total number of economic entities classified as creative industries The main goal of the “Creative industries of Małopolska Region – situation and development conditions” study was to determine the situation, potential and conditions for development of 11 creative industries of Małopolska Region, considering the social and […]

Foreign trade in Poland and Małopolska Region in 2017

This is the first year in the history of Poland, when the limit of 200 billion euros in exports has been broken, and the annual growth is the highest in the history of modern Poland (from 1989). The report illustrates the situation related to the development of foreign trade in Poland and the Małopolska Region […]

Foreign investors in the Malopolska Voivodeship in 2015 and 2016

The inflow of foreign direct investment in the Małopolska Region in 2015 – 2016 reached the level of USD 1 418.9 million and was higher by over USD 200 million in relation to the value in 2015. The study provides information on the structure of investments and their spatial distribution in the region. The attention […]