Business Tendency Indicators in Tourism in Małopolska Voivodship for Q4 of Year 2012

In the current edition 200 interviews were conducted. Each group of the subjects constituted about one-third of the sample: 35% of the interviews were conducted with subjects included in division 79 section N of PCEA (travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities), 35% with subjects included in division 55 section I (accommodation service) and 30% with subjects included in division 56 section I (food service). 33% of the businesses from the Małopolska Region in the study were local businesses, 7% regional businesses, 21,5% countrywide businesses and 38,5% international businesses. Businesses hiring from 1 to 9 employees dominated in the study (51%). There were 32,5% one-man businesses in the sample. Bigger businesses accounted for 13,5% altogether, including 13,5% businesses hiring from 10 to 49 employees and 3% businesses hiring 50 employees or more. 36% businesses had incomes below PLN 50 thousands. 15% of respondents declared business’ income from PLN 50 to 100 thousands, 12% from PLN 101 to 250 thousands and 10% from PLN 251 to 500 thousands. Income over PLN 500 thousands was declared by 15% of respondents.

The study was conducted with CATI method (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).