The main purpose of the 12th edition of the opinion poll of Małopolska inhabitants was to obtain information on the perception of individual aspects related to the quality of their lives.

the report coverAs well as activities, initiatives and undertakings undertaken by the self-governance of the Małopolska region by the regional community. The results of the conducted analyses will be used to evaluate the conducted public policies and will be useful in identifying point areas of regional policy intervention.

One of the detailed objectives of this study was to present the diversity of opinions of the inhabitants of Małopolska in the context of their place of residence in individual subregions (i.e., carrying out the analysis taking into account the NUTS-3 level).

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Increasingly stronger phenomena resulting from climate change, which are to some extent also the effect of human economic activity, become a premise for finding ways to reduce the destructive role played by the broadly understood society on the scope of negative impacts for the entire biosphere.

GOZIn order to ensure the proper state of the environment, a number of actions are taken at the local, national, international and global level aimed at reducing the emission of pollutants, greenhouse gases, improving waste management, etc.

A definition used in official government documents says that products, materials and raw materials should remain in the economy as long as possible, and the generation of waste should be minimized as much as possible. This idea takes into account all stages of the product life cycle, starting from its design, through production, consumption, waste collection, to its management.

We are therefore talking about moving away from a linear economy based on the ‘take – produce – use – dispose’ principle. Waste was often treated as the last stage of the life cycle. In a circular economy, it is important that waste, if it is generated, is treated as secondary raw materials.

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The analysed collections include information about taxpayers – natural persons residing in the Małopolskie voivodship, who received annual information on earned income and collected advance payments on the PIT-11 form.

the report coverTherefore, tax information allows to present information on the potential of the labour market according to the place of residence of taxpayers as well as spatial relationships and type of activity throughout the year.

The obtained database for 2020 includes 1,547.8 thousand PIT-11 tax information issued to taxpayers residing in the Małopolskie voivodship, earning income from a business relationship, employment relationship, cooperative employment relationship and home based work.

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The labour market is a complex machinery in which one of the most important positions is occupied by people – their competences, skills, and abilities.

the report coverFor several years, with the increased demand for labour and a simultaneous decline in unemployment, Małopolska has been facing the employment gap. The economic situation is influenced by the low level of economic activity of the region’s inhabitants, as well as the problem of an aging society.
In this situation, it is necessary for specialists in the labour market to propose and entrepreneurs to undertake such remedial actions that, at least in part, will be able to eliminate the problem of the lack of employees.

One of them may be the activation of people who have been professionally inactive so far, another – introduction of new management solutions that will actually improve the situation of individual employees, and ultimately contribute to their longer stay in the labour market.

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the report coverBy the end of 2020, 433 calls for proposals for the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program of the Małopolska region were conducted, under which 7,380 applications were submitted.

3,896 contracts were signed. In 2020 alone, 30 calls for proposals were conducted, attracting 959 applicants. It should be emphasized that there is an exceptionally high interest in the possibilities of obtaining support in 2020 – in the period of a pandemic, the resulting administrative restrictions in running a business, and a decline in demand for a number of products and services.

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The aim of the study was to diagnose innovation and research and development activity among entrepreneurs from Małopolska.

the report coverThe study concerned, inter alia, workforce and scope of research and development works carried out, the level of readiness to undertake innovative activities and types of innovative activities undertaken, the level of innovative and technological advancement as well as research and development plans, use of personal property protection measures in the context of smart specialization of the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

The study also identified barriers and needs for support in the development of innovation and new technologies.

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The subject of succession is becoming more and more present in the realities of the Polish economy, especially in the center of its bloodstream, i.e. family businesses.

successionThe results of the research carried out so far indicated a relatively low awareness among entrepreneurs in the field of business transfer and the related challenges. A significant problem may also be the fact that business owners and potential successors do not know where to obtain knowledge on this subject.

Another problem is the failure to adjust the support mechanisms to the needs of the succession process. This is due to, inter alia, relatively small number of studies (especially at the regional level), which would adequately indicate the areas in which it is necessary to implement specific support.

As a result, public administration bodies, both central and local, and business environment institutions are not fully able to provide entrepreneurs with the help they expect.

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