e792d36e261cd5-645-312-0-396-2061-999-MIThe aim of the report was to provide a complex assessment of the investment climate in Małopolska evaluated on the local (municipality) level, allowing for a formulation of conclusions and recommendations for the Management Board of the Małopolska Region. Investment climate is understood in the report as a set of external and internal factors exerting influence on a given region which may impact on investment decisions. Different features (elements) of investment climate (so-called microclimates) and activities undertaken by the units of the territorial self-government aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of Małopolska and improvement of their service provided to investors were assessed within the conceptual framework of the research.

Investment climate in the Małopolska Region – summary


In the current edition 200 interviews were conducted. Each group of the subjects constituted about one-third of the sample: 35% of the interviews were conducted with subjects included in division 79 section N of PCEA (travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities), 35% with subjects included in division 55 section I (accommodation service) and 30% with subjects included in division 56 section I (food service). 33% of the businesses from the Małopolska Region in the study were local businesses, 7% regional businesses, 21,5% countrywide businesses and 38,5% international businesses. Businesses hiring from 1 to 9 employees dominated in the study (51%). There were 32,5% one-man businesses in the sample. Bigger businesses accounted for 13,5% altogether, including 13,5% businesses hiring from 10 to 49 employees and 3% businesses hiring 50 employees or more. 36% businesses had incomes below PLN 50 thousands. 15% of respondents declared business’ income from PLN 50 to 100 thousands, 12% from PLN 101 to 250 thousands and 10% from PLN 251 to 500 thousands. Income over PLN 500 thousands was declared by 15% of respondents.

The study was conducted with CATI method (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).

Business Tendency Indicators in Tourism in Małopolska Voivodship for Q4 of Year 2012 – Summary
Polish version of the report and its summary are available here.