We carry out statistical research, prepare analysis, collect and provide data, develop recommendations, forecasts, and collect good practices.


We also expand results of our analysis by printing reports and publishing them in our digital library.


News, publications, analysis are available on our website in English and Polish language. We also invite you to share our social media:



where you can find the most important information about our activities.


We also organize events, debates, workshops and conferences. So far, we have implemented, among others:

  • 13 seminars on effective social participation, civic budget, urban policy, and cultural institutions;
  • series of debates “Małopolska Region. We create the future “(“A game of clean air “, “School of work, work of life”,” Małopolska Region’s labor market. Revolution is already here”);
  • conferences: “A city open to changes”, “A culture in times of artificial intelligence”, “Daytime support for children and youth in the province. Małopolska Region – current and future service standards”, “Małopolska – a strategy for new times”.

The Kraków Conferences

One of the most popular events organizing by our team was the series of Kraków Conferences, implemented since 2008 till 2019. We hosted local governments, politicians, scientists, experts and social activists to debate on current problems and challenges of the modern world.