Activities of the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory

Researches and analyses

Conducting socio-economic researches to describe and explain development and identify trends in Malopolska.

Providing data and information for reports and predictions.

Providing research recommendations to support development policy decisions in region.

Regional, nationwide and international cooperation in conducting researches.


Including in reports and analyses possible recommendations and solutions for decision makers to implement.

Identification of future key challenges for Małopolska.

Evaluation and monitoring

Assessment of the implemented public policy by authorities of Małopolska.

Improvement of the information exchange and design of public policies to facilitate the achievement of policy objectives.

Stimulating public debate

Organization of conferences, public debates, also in partnerships with other public institutions, to discuss major socio-economic challenges for Małopolska.

Through policy dialogues, briefings, seminars and conferences Observatory tries to discuss issues of crucial importance to the Malopolska.

Observatory cooperate with media on a regular basis.


Creation and implementation of recommendations system to support regional authorities.